Studio Services

Educational Development and Technology

We are located in Atrium 213. Faculty have opportunities to connect with colleagues and further their knowledge of university teaching through a variety of events organized and supported through the Studio.

Faculty-led sessions and communities of practice are arenas for faculty to share and discuss ideas and critically examine topics related to university teaching.

Faculty Focus

Integrated research

  • Scholarship for Teaching and Learning

  • preparing teaching dossiers

  • Teaching grants

  • Teaching awards

  • Communities of Practice

Intercultural teaching

  • effective language use in diverse classrooms

  • understanding cultures

  • teaching strategies

Developing your teaching

  • preparing to teach

  • instructional strategies

  • assessments

  • accessible learning

  • effective ways to engage students

  • developing learning plans

  • observations

  • teaching in active learning spaces

Digital education

  • online curriculum design

  • digital pedagogies

  • blended learning activities

  • developing learning communities online

  • digital and media literacies

  • web content development

  • using effective instructional technologies

  • instructional design for video recording

  • video conferencing activities

Meet the Educational Developers Group 

Global Learning and Intercultural Support

Students at Saint Mary's University take part in experiential learning programs around the world. Their journeys are supported by our team in Atrium 106

To learn more about:

  • Student exchange programs

  • Funding

  • Field Courses

  • Advice for international travel

Visit the Go Centre.

Studio Programs