A growing number of outstanding professors at Saint Mary’s University have received teaching awards and grants.


Dr. Geraldine Thomas Educational Leadership Award

With the support of the Saint Mary’s University Faculty Union, the Senate Committee on Learning and Teaching established the Dr. Geraldine Thomas Educational Leadership Award to recognize the faculty who develop, enhance, and promote the quality of teaching at Saint Mary’s and beyond.



Dr. Wendy Carroll

Management, Sobey School of Business

Father Stewart Medal for Excellence in Teaching

The Father Steward Medal highlights full-time faculty members who have made significant contributions to the education of Saint Mary’s students through excellence in teaching and service.



Dr. David Bourgeois

Psychology, Faculty of Science

AAU − Distinguished Teaching Award

The Association of Atlantic Universities Distinguished Teaching Award encourages excellence in teaching, and instructional leadership in the universities of the Atlantic region.



Dr. Maryanne Fisher

Psychology, Faculty of Science


Dr. Shelagh Crooks

Philosophy, Faculty of Arts


Dr. Edna Keeble

Political Science, Faculty of Arts

STLHE − 3M National Teaching Fellow

The annual 3M Teaching Fellowship from the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education recognizes exceptional contributions to teaching and learning in Canadian post-secondary education.



Dr. Shelagh Crooks

Philosophy, Faculty of Arts


Dr. Adam Sarty

Physics Faculty of Science


Dr. Esther Enns

English, Faculty of Arts


Dr. Geraldine Thomas

Modern Languages and Classics, Faculty of Arts


Dr. John Young

Chemistry, Faculty of Science

Teaching Award Support

The Studio offers support to Saint Mary’s faculty in the preparation of nominations for teaching excellence and educational leadership awards both internal and external to the university. We also provide dossier development consultations to prepare faculty in their application process for these awards on request. Contact studio@smu.ca for more information.